“Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected, in this case I would think interesting would suffice.” – Spock

Everyone loves to discuss a great idea. The thrill of a brilliant concept, a new design, a different perspective, a vision, a dream – it’s fantastic. I can waste whole months of my life discussing a great idea with anyone and everyone who will listen.

Other people seek me out to do the same, with their great ideas – and together, we’ll talk hypothetical creative dreams for hours and hours and hours… and nothing comes of it.

That’s why every brand, every business needs a Spock.
Someone who runs on logic and pragmatism – who looks at the how and the what – not just at the why. Even the most high-flying, creative masterminds need someone who grounds them, who sits them down and calls a spade a spade – who looks at resources and logistics, timelines and budgets.

These Spocks walk among us. They can appear cautious, sometimes quiet, but they are superheroes. They have the power of action. They turn our fluffy, undefined aspirations into concrete strategies and actions. They make things happen.

If you don’t have one – you need to find one, or start recognising the strength that while there may be a member of your team who doesn’t like to join in the starry-eyed dreaming sessions, might hold the key to how you actually do what you’ve been talking about all this time.