It’s the 3rd of the 3rd and we’re turning 3.
Our Q-headed lady with her rolled-up sleeves,
has been writing and typing and hitting the ‘save’ key –
for one thousand and ninety-five days as The Quick Word Company.
When we took our first step to start something new,
We felt like three blind mice, in a room with a view.
The madness of change and the pace of deadlines,
Is like a three-ring circus, most of the time.
We’ve laid hundreds of thousands of words down – like stones,
But we definitely haven’t done it alone.
The people we’ve met and the things that we’ve seen –
We love all the stories of places we've been.
Creativity has a way of being cheeky and vague,
The three witches of Macbeth have made us their slaves.
Yet, every time we’ve pushed on – because third time’s a charm,
Always hunting and searching and not to alarm,
But today we’re word-wrangling ink-slingers,
Who always come armed.

Collaborations and power teams have been our three-legged race
Where cooperation means opportunity and the thrill of a chase.
Words and expressions consume so much of our time,
That in writing this poem, it was easy to rhyme.
So, we wanted to do something to acknowledge this day,
And of course, we’re never short of something to say.
We’re hoping and working so that three becomes four –
But for now, we’re creative copywriters –
And we couldn’t ask for more.